6/21/10 Bladder Test Results

Today Ren had her bladder urodynamics study/test. The results were….neither good nor bad.

We did not receive the most ideal news of not needing to catheterize her – which, I pretty much expected yet still hoped for. Overall, her bladder pressure actually looked pretty good. So, that is good. However, her bladder is having some spasms, which causes some leakage, and she does not fully empty her bladder all at once, leaving some residual urine. All of this isn’t necessarily horribly bad right now, but these issues would make it more difficult in the future for potty training, and could potentially lead to some problems in the future for her kidneys. Because of these reasons, the doctor is recommending cathing her 4 times/day, plus taking some medication to help with the bladder spasms/leakage. All of this is precautionary measures, but are pretty typical for someone with spina bifida, including her irregularly shaped bladder that her local doctor seemed worried about. Most – if not all – individuals with SB have some sort of bladder problem/s, because the nerves to the bladder are on the lowest part of the spine and SB is a defect on the spine. So, even those with a very low defect will have their bladder affected somehow.

The doctor we saw today will forward the results and his notes/recommendations to our local doctor, and I am assuming we will meet with him soon to discuss the plan for Ren. Though a little sad about the news, I knew it was practically inevitable, and I also know cathing will just become part of the routine, and when she is older, she will learn to do it herself with relative ease. It will all be fine. I am just glad there was no real “bad” or alarming news. The news we got was what we were prepared for, and it is “normal” for someone with her diagnosis. Not good….but not bad.



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