5/23/13 Tubes Out

Today we went to the Children’s Hospital for a 6-week follow-up appointment for Ren’s MACE and mitrofanoff surgeries.  The big step — they took out the tubes that have been in her abdomen area since the surgeries.   We will now cath her through her belly button.  We have done it a couple of times, and it is a little strange inserting a catheter into her belly button and having pee come out.  🙂   We also will insert a catheter into the hole next to her belly button, for when it is time to sit her on the toilet and flush her colon/bowels.  We have to keep a “plug” in that hole for a couple of months, though, to ensure it does not close up.  The plug kept coming out today, I think due to the type of tape we were using.  The second picture below shows our attempt of taping it tonight.  I guess we will see in the morning if it holds.  The red sore-looking areas around the areas are due to the stitches, which we just taken out today, and should lighten up and heal soon.  (The lighter redness around the whole area is from all the taping down of gauzes we had to do these past 6 weeks – That should heal soon now too).

Ren has no restrictions with these “holes” – even while needing the plug.  She can go swimming – yah!  Which is good, since she starts up swimming again in a couple of weeks.  She will also be starting up Horse therapy lessons as well.  Summer is almost here!

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