3/6/13 – Surgery

Ren is scheduled for surgery tomorrow at our local hospital.  They are going to do some tendon work on her right foot.  Her foot is starting to become more “deformed” per se, as her arch is extremely high, causing her to walk on just her heel.  Her tendons are really tight above her foot too, so they are going to “loosen” (snip) them, and to help lower the foot more and fix up the arch problem, they are going to transfer one of her tendons to underneath her foot.  There was something about drilling a hole in the heel bone, and having a “button” of sorts at the bottom of her heel on the outside to be able to “tighten” the tendon up.  I cringe writing this.   But, the main thing here is that if it does not get some correcting now, she will have greater problems in the future.

The original plan was to have the metal plate in her right femur removed as well……but we may change that plan now.   Some of you know her history with fractures after surgery, due to her bones weakening during the weeks of non-weight bearing (as they are already weaker than a “normal” individual because of her lack of jumping, running, etc. that would make the bones dense).  Our worry is that having a cast on her lower leg would cause extra risk, because she is a girl that likes to MOVE, and if she is twisting her leg around with that heavy cast below…we just worry that would cause the healing femur to be hurt. However, if we do not take the metal plate out now, it will still have to be done sometime in the future, which would be another time in surgery and anesthesia and six weeks off her feet at that time.

We are not totally decided in the matter, but we will obviously have to decide by tomorrow morning, when we take her in.   She will be non-weight bearing for six weeks.  Four weeks from now, however, we have her scheduled for more surgeries (in a non-local hospital) for her bowel and bladder issues.  I will discuss those as it gets closer to that.  Having these surgeries done while she was down anyway from her leg surgery/s seemed to make sense to us.

Please pray that we will make the right decision regarding the surgery — whether to just do the foot, or to do the femur as well.  And please pray that the surgery AND the recovery AND beyond (her past fractures always occurred AFTER the casts were taken off) will go well with no complications, and that Ren will cope well with recovery.   She is NOT going to like sitting and not being able to move around.

“Jesus replied, ‘I tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not doubt…..If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”  Matthew 21:21-22





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