3/26/09 The Brace has Arrived

The brace is FINALLY here!  It came yesterday, and she has adjusted well to it.  She loves that it is much lighter than the cast, and is delighted to be able to sit up in it.  She really seems much happier, as if that were even possible, considering what a happy girl she is anyway.  I am disappointed to hear that she may need to be in it for 4 months.  This time is supposedly needed to allow her legs to strengthen up enough to be on their own.  I am really hoping that is an exaggerated amount of time.  Her muscles in her knees seem to be loosening up more now.  Her left knee is pretty good, but her right knee – though better – is still a bit tight.  Both knees need to be able to bend easily at at a 90 degree angle in order for any progress to begin. 

I have posted pictures below.  Again, please continue to pray for no fractures, for quickly loosened knees, and for her muscles to get strong fast!  The sooner she is out of the brace now, the sooner we can get working on her developmental skills, such as crawling, and of course,….walking.

img_08811    img_0885  img_0871



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