3/19/09 Still no brace

I haven’t written in awhile because I assumed that Renny would have gotten her leg brace by now, which would allow her to finally get out of her cast, and then I would update everyone on how that was going.

Well, we still haven’t received her brace.  We were supposed to get it two weeks after her cast was sawed off (remember, it was sawed off, but they placed her back in it, with velcro holding it together), and it has now been three and a half weeks.  I am not happy.   My husband (I’ll call him “T”)  took her in today to get “pre-fitted” for the brace, and then he is told we are not scheduled to actually get the brace until March 31st (that would make it a total of 5 weeks, rather than the 2 weeks we were told).  Again, not happy.

But, then, I learn this:  The brace IS ready.  The appointment is waiting until the 31st because that’s the only day that can be coordinated between the surgeon and the orthotics person.  Did I mention I am not happy?  Now, this “appointment” will only take 5 minutes.  Fortunately, “T” questions the validity of having to wait that long for a 5 minute appointment, so the orthotics guy said he would look into it to see what he could do about setting something up sooner.  We will see what becomes of that…

We have been given “instructions” to take Renny out of her cast when we change her diaper to stretch her legs out, to get the range of motion in her legs.  So, though we have been doing that, I’m bothered by not being given more specific instructions.  I’d like to know exactly what kind of stretches and how long to hold them and all of that.  She has had no real therapy -I am sure that our “stretching” is not quite the same as real physical therapy -and I just worry about her legs recovering from everything.  Her knees are especially very, very stiff, from being in a straight position for 2 months.  We are told that the physical therapist from Birth to 3 will start coming after she is in her brace, but I just wish everything wouldn’t be taking so long.  I feel that every moment is important in helping Renny’s legs recover and improving their function.  The longer it takes to start everything, the harder it will be on her legs.

So, to sum it up, we’re waiting for her leg brace.  Hopefully, since it IS ready, it will be soon.  When she receives it, I will write again, and add pictures.  🙂

Please pray for:  speedy delivery of the leg brace, speedy recovery of her leg muscles, especially the stiffness in her knees, speedy development of her skills (such as crawling, to start), and for safety for her body; in other words, no more fractures or other setbacks.  Thanks!



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  1. Gravatar of Tracie Tracie
    21. March 2009 at 22:17

    Don’t be afraid – EVER – to question doctors. EVER. You are the customer. You are absolutely correct in saying Rennie’s future is at stake. I went along with doctors for too long with my son’s condition and he has paid. Niceness and complacency only goes so far – but think about the future. Lay plans for later, while being careful with now. Godspeed.

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