2/5/09 Just a Note

I thought I would just write up a quick note, since it has been awhile since my first post.  I added another short “Page” to the right called “Reborn.”  It just summarizes how Renny “turned out” contrary to what was predicted.

As for an update, Renny is still in her hip spica cast.  Though I know she’d rather not be in the cast (the last time it was removed, she was the happiest girl ever – laughing continuously, making sounds/babbling that we hadn’t heard from her, kicking her one leg that she can move up and down…it was so neat to see….for the 2 days she had it off!), she does like this latest cast because she can stand up in it.  She is in her stander a lot, and we hold her up by the couch a lot too.  She also likes it when we “walk” with her.  All of this standing, along with her now “calloused” legs resulting from her healing fractures, will hopefully strengthen her legs enough to prepare her more for being cast-free.   A custom body brace will supposedly be made for her also, to provide some extra protection.

The scheduled date for removal is February 24th.  Less than 3 weeks to go!



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  1. Gravatar of Jill Davidson Jill Davidson
    9. February 2009 at 13:23

    I am the physician who gave the “matter of fact” info after the first ultrasound. It is unbelievably difficult to give the news that a baby will have a birth defect; especially when that couple may eventually choose to terminate and what I say could influence their choice. I am ethically bound to be objective and unbiased. I am so proud of your family (and you too, Angie & Aaron) for the decision you made and how you are raising your children. It is such a delight for me to be able to watch them grow up.

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