2/26/09 Cast is…Off…?

The title of my post is written the way it is because, though Renny’s cast was taken off on Tuesday, she’s not actually out of it.  Because her legs are SOOOOO stiff and her muscle tone is weak (it has always been weaker than most kids because of her lack of walking, but it is even weaker now from being in the cast for almost 6 months), we have to be careful with her.  So, they cut her cast in half and attached velcro to it, and we have to keep her in the cast still pretty much all of the time, except when we change her diaper, we take her out of it and stretch and massage her legs for a little bit.  She is so stiff right now that her knees bend only slightly. 

She was also “molded” for a body brace, which will arrive in two weeks, and by that time she will be able to go into that and be mobile, without the cast, while being protected at the same time.  I’m interested to see what the brace will look like. 

So, the cast was taken off, but not really.  🙂  But, she’s still happy, and we can at least work on loosening her muscles and preparing her legs even more for movement.  Here are a couple of pictures of her new “modified” cast:                                                                                                                                                              P.S.  I also added a Note at the end of “The Birth” page to the right. 

 New Cast     New Cast 2




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