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About four years ago my wife and I were informed at the 20 week ultrasound that our daughter had spina bifida.  We were given the ‘choice’ to ‘terminate.’  We emphatically declined.

My wife and I were already pro-life.  However, with our daughter nearly three years old now, the joy she brings into our family is set against the sorrow we feel when we realize that 70, 80, and maybe 90% of all children diagnosed with a birth defect are aborted.  It has become part of my mission to help defend life by persuading people that Life is still worth protecting even when the child is disabled.

My wife and I understand very well the grief one experiences when learning the awful truth that one’s child has a birth defect.   We know how this can transform one’s life, with doctor’s appointments, surgeries, and uncertainties.  But the Joy surpasses all this.

You are here because I wanted to make myself more widely available to the pro-life community as a speaker and author. I have already been speaking around the country and in fact have been asked to speak at the national Lutherans for Life conference this summer.

I would invite you to learn more about me and my ministry and my family and hope to hear from you soon.  I would love to speak at your church, school, college, or organization.  You may contact me at  I would also be most appreciative if you could donate to my non-profit (but not tax exempt) ministry to help defray the costs of the ad that brought you to me.

Here are some more links about me…


Below are three videos that I have.  I have lots of tape of my presentations but it takes time to get them ready for the Internet!  The first is just 5 minutes and gives an overview of my views and some sampling of me speaking.  The second is from a high school I presented at in 2009.  The third is a bit off the subject… it’s a graduation speech I gave in 2005.

about 25 mins…

Graduation Speech… each part about 10 minutes…

Part two

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