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We Chose Life

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Mary Ann Kreitzer of LES FEMMES. (Blog) Read the Full Review

He invites readers [also] to ponder the bigger questions: the personhood of the unborn, the rights and privileges due to human beings no matter how small, and the slippery slope that leads from abortion to atrocities…

It’s important to remember that this dad speaks from experience. The testimony of fathers is a powerful witness. …

…fathers like Anthony Horvath exemplify the role of the Christian dad who stands up to defend the very life of his threatened little one. … Thank God for the gift of life first then thank Dad. He is the defender of the family, especially its most vulnerable members.

Jean Heimann, CatholicFire. Read the Full Review

When I received a copy of noted Christian writer Anthony Horvath’s new book, We Chose Life: Why You Should Too, I expected a well-written discussion of his pro-life views, but had no idea that he had such a gripping, powerful personal story to tell.

In this small, but power-packed book, Anthony Horvath shares one of the most heart-rending stories a parent can tell – the discovery that their child has a serious medical problem.

In the second part of the book, Horvath explains in clear, concise terms the reasons why they chose life and why it makes sense for others to do so. His arguments are easy to understand and indisputable. These logical arguments are not written for the theologian, but are easily understood by the layman…
We Chose Life: Why You Should, Too” would be an excellent asset to: pregnancy resource centers, pro-life libraries, and natural family planning group libraries. Pastors and counselors would benefit from reading this book and using it as a resource.

Patrick Ferry, President of Concordia University Wisconsin.

“Credibility–Anthony Horvath exudes compassion and care. He writes with courage and conviction. All of that is amply evident in this little volume. What stands out in these pages, however, is his incredibly credible witness.

Anthony writes from the perspective of someone who has faced the difficult decision and, not without great trial and struggle, willingly chose the hard but right path. His words are not pious platitudes based on a narrow and uncompromising point of view. Rather, his is a voice of meaningful experience.

My hope is that readers will be engaged by his argument and many will be moved by his story. Even those who may disagree will be touched.” 

Eric C. Redmond, Author, Where Are All the Brothers?, Second Vice-President of the Southern Baptist Convention, 2007-2008.

“Making a choice between continuing or terminating a pregnancy in which the unborn child has little chance of a normal or healthy life is one of the most significant family, emotional, and moral decisions one will every make in life. Having been in that position, I found We Choose Life to be sensitive, clear, and informative for helping people make the hard decision to walk from joy to pain and back to joy rather than take the easy road of ending the life of a child.” 

Connie Davis, president of Lutherans for Life of Michigan.

“I see this book as a wonderful resource at pregnancy resource centers……or for pastors who might counsel couples experiencing a ‘crisis’ pregnancy.” 

Randall Niles, co-founder of and a Christian apologist.

“Many of us have grown weary of the abortion debate. We now view the issue as merely a socio-political-ethical-legal-religious battle reserved for the activists on both sides. The majority of us have gone passive and moved on with our lives.

In “We Chose Life,” Anthony Horvath makes the abortion issue personal again. This is a powerful, gut-wrenching story of a family that chose life! Despite the despair following a terribly unexpected ultrasound, the Horvath’s made the only decision they could fathom. Life!

Horvath reminds us that Life isn’t a political debate left to the activists. Life is a precious, and sometimes unexpected, gift from God. This short, yet meaningful book, may change yours!” 

Nancy Douglas of Olive Leaf Ministries. (Blog)

“A good writer writes about that which he or she is most knowledgeable. Anthony Horvath not only writes from the heart, but shares from personal experience what it is like to be faced with one of life’s most painful decisions. Realizing his soon-to-be born baby girl would most likely have severe Spinal Bifida, he and his wife selflessly chose to put their child¹s life ahead of their own. Holding the sanctity of life in highest esteem, they accepted God¹s greater plan, even though it would mean raising a child with a significant handicap. With faith in God as their anchor and compass, Anthony and his wife are a living example of what it means to die to self in order to honor God and His perfect plan.

We Choose Life is a timely resource for anyone facing the difficult and intimidating circumstance of having a child with a disability. Granting courage and strength amidst dark and trying times, Anthony¹s testimony is sure to provide much needed comfort to parents during time of great need.”