Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  On your cover you have the text, “Hospital statistics suggest that 90 percent or more of children prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. Also aborted at high rates are unborn children prenatally diagnosed as having cystic fibrosis, Tay Sachs disease, sickle cell anemia, spina bifida and other neural tube defects.” You cite the August/September edition of The Catholic World Report.  Is that article available online?

A.  Indeed it is.  I found it here.

Q.  I understand that you chose to have your child but what right do you have to ask others to choose to keep theirs?  Shouldn’t you just mind your own business?

A.  The law of the land is that people have the right to choose and there is no way that a little book like this one has the power to impose itself on other people’s decisions.  But the law doesn’t mean that we can’t try to persuade others to our position.  It is legal to choose- fine, it’s legal- but in that case I can at least try to get people to choose in the direction I think is right.  That is the law of the land, too.

Q.  What is the point of a book like this?  Isn’t it just preaching to the choir?

A.  The book is written specifically to those outside the choir.  However, if it has value to the ‘choir’ (and I hope it does) it will be not because it persuades them, but encourages them and gives them a tool to use as they persuade others.

Q.  I am interested in buying copies for my class, Bible Study, youth group, church, etc…  is there a bulk rate available?

A.  Yes, there is.  See the chart below. At this time, to place such an order you need to contact me.

  • 10-20 copies:  $6.50 each
  • 21-50 copies:  $6.00 each.
  • 51-100 copies:  $5.50 each.
  • 101 and up:  Inquire.

Q.  I am interested in having you come and speak to my college, school, Bible Study, youth group, church, etc., how would we arrange that?

A.  I am a member of the Lutherans for Life Speaker’s bureau.  You can learn more about my presentations by reading their bio page on me.  I am enthusiastic about speaking in non-Lutheran, and even non-Christian, contexts, too.  The easiest thing to do if you’re interested is to just email me.