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Jan 15

Life and Family Presentation — WI-LFL — Summer 2012

I delivered this presentation this summer at the WI-LFL state conference.  It is in two parts, below.  

Sep 30

Book Review – We Chose Life: Why You Should Too, by Anthony Horvath

Book Review by Mary Ann Kreitzer It’s a parent’s worst nightmare — hearing the words, “You have a very sick child.” For a dad, it’s particularly difficult because his job, besides providing materially for his family, is to protect his loved ones from harm. But when illness strikes a child, a dad often stands helpless …

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Mar 05

Welcome LifeNews Reader!

Greetings reader!

About four years ago my wife and I were informed at the 20 week ultrasound that our daughter had spina bifida. We were given the ‘choice’ to ‘terminate.’ We emphatically declined.

My wife and I were already pro-life. However, with our daughter nearly three years old now, the joy she brings into our family is set against the sorrow we feel when we realize that 70, 80, and maybe 90% of all children diagnosed with a birth defect are aborted. It has become part of my mission to help defend life by persuading people that Life is still worth protecting even when the child is disabled.

Feb 19

Prolife Speaker and Author Media Kit

Contact Anthony through email at Anthony Horvath and his wife were given the option to ‘terminate’ their daughter after learning that she had spina bifida.  They rejected this ‘choice’ emphatically.  Their beautiful daughter proves every day that joy transcends circumstances.  Though as a Christian apologist and author Anthony has always been pro-life, the situation …

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Feb 08

2010 National Lutherans for Life Conference Speaking

I have been asked to speak at the 2010 National Lutherans for Life Conference this July in Green Bay, WI. They will be posting information here.

My topic will be on the subject of what men can do, as men, in the pro-life cause. This will involve a look at what the Bible says about men, their duties, strengths, and weaknesses.

I am looking forward to presenting and grateful for the invitation. See you there!

Oct 10

Michigan Pro-Life Tour Oct 15-22

I will be traveling throughout Michigan from about Oct. 15th to Oct 22nd speaking in various venues, primarily in regards to pro-life issues. See:

Many of these presentations are at high schools and other places that are not open to the public. Below I have listed the ones that are open to the public. It would be great to see some of you folks.

Aug 23

Whirlwind Trip to Central Missouri

Welcome to any of the folks I met with while in central Missouri! I had a grand time and am thankful for your hospitality and the welcome you showed me.

Aug 06

My daughter takes her first step

I thought readers might like to see my daughter’s first step. She’s in her brace, but it is her own movement…

Aug 06

Pro-life event In Jefferson City, Missouri

Missouri residents will have the opportunity to hear me present in the Jefferson City area August 9th and in Lincoln, MO, on August 10th. On August 9th, I will be speaking at Trinity Lutheran Church in Jefferson City during their Bible Study hour.  The topic will be pro-life in nature with some apologetics thrown in. …

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May 06

Video and Radio from St. Louis Event

I am still working on getting this stuff online but I have the stuff from the Monday the 27th of April. Below is the video of the presentation I gave at a high school. Below that is the audio from the KFUO radio interview.