Summer Fun 2018

Flying by once again, summer is over and the school year has begun.  Here are some things that kept Ren busy this summer:

1. BASEBALL ~ Ren joined a baseball team in the Miracle League.  This is a fantastic organization, with hundreds of volunteers making it happen.  Each participant had a buddy to help them out on and off the field, and Ren’s was a wonderful mom, whose daughter also helped out.  We traveled an hour away each week for her to participate in a game, and she loved every minute of it.  She primarily used her wheelchair, but would use her walker at times as well to get in a bit more exercise.  The announcer called her “Racing Ren…” and everyone was so supportive of each other.  It really was a great time, even for spectators.  I am sure she will want to be a part of this next summer as well!


2.  SUMMER SCHOOL ~ For 4 weeks of the summer, she attended summer school, where she had fun classes like book club (with me!), and board games (with me!), and arts and crafts, and others.  The entire summer school participants got to go on a field trip to an amusement park 2 hours away, and she got to go on a few rides that she has never done before.  She had a blast!


3.  SWIMMING LESSONS ~ Ren would spend everyday all day in the water if she could.  She took lessons again at a local YMCA, and the instructor once again helped her in learning how to independently swim.  She is getting better, and even swims underwater on her own.  She is a fish.


4.  HORSE RIDING ~ Though not as often as last summer, Ren did some horse back riding at our friends’ house.  It’s good for her muscles and balance, and she enjoys it!


5.  ATVing ~ We have had this battery operated ATV for quite awhile, and someone kindly modified it to be hand powered last year, but the button was so hard for her to press and hold that it really was not practical to use.  But finally near the end of summer, T changed the button to a switch, and voila, she was able to ride.  She has fun riding on our dead end road, as well as on our land.  Such freedom for her!


6.  PARADES ~ Since she was Little Miss 1st Princess this year, several of our weekends involved going to parades to ride in a float and wave at people.  She LOVED doing this, and the others were great with taking care of her and her wheelchair while I tried not to think like a too-crazy-worried mom like, “What if the float stops fast and she flies forward!” since she has difficulty with balance and little control of her legs.  It only crossed my thoughts once or twice.


7.  WALKING ~ Ren surprised us by randomly deciding on her own to attempt walking with her forearm crutches.  One day she was found using them to walk across the kitchen floor, as if she thought on a whim, “I’m going to just see if I can do this,” and thought nothing of it.  I remember a doctor several years ago telling me she would probably never be able to walk using these.  I guess Ren thought she should prove that wrong.  She can only use them with her long (KAFO) braces and still has quite a bit of practicing to do with them, as it is quite slow moving right now, but she has a great start!


8.  FAMILY ~ She always has a great time with our supportive families.  Besides spending lots of time with Great Aunt Jane and my parents who all have now moved up by us, she spent time in Michigan with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, and she even got to fly to New York with me for my cousin’s wedding, where we saw many  different relatives.




So now school has begun, but I will be able to keep a close eye on her, as she is in my class this year!  She is extremely quiet and shy in class, and she has other things she still needs to work on and needs help with, so I will have a first-hand experience in trying to see what will help her be successful this year and in future years.  I get a little weepy as I see the differences between her and her peers, and I worry so much about if she will have good friends who will accept her as she is and take care of her and include her.  No one is mean to her (how could they be to this sweet girl?!), but my heart breaks as I see some who used to be friends with her decide they just are not really that interested in being with someone who has difficulty having a real conversation and can’t run around and play tag like a “normal” person.  To an extent I can understand, but, it still makes me very, very sad.



For those whom like me to give specific prayer requests, here they are:

  • For her to have at least a couple of good friends – now AND in the future – who will include her and take care of her
  • That she will grow!  She has a short amount of time left for her to grow, to continue to help her leg to straighten out, and to just be taller.  She is only a little over four feet tall, and she needs at least a few more inches.  I know she will be of short stature no matter what, but it’d be great if she could get up to at least 4′ 10″!
  • For growth also in her language and thinking skills

Thank you to those who pray for her, and to the many who show support to her and to us in this great journey of life, with a beautiful daughter who happens to have spina bifida.







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