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8/20/17 Summer Fun

Another fun-filled summer is coming to an end.  Ren stayed pretty busy, which means I stayed pretty busy!  She again had horse back riding, swimming, dancing, and summer school.  But, new this summer was trying out water skiing!  Twice this summer, in June and August, she was able to attend an adaptive water ski event, where two water skiing teams and an organization called NASA (North American Squirrel Association) partnered in providing this opportunity for individuals with physical and other disabilities.  The first time in June, the weather was awful ~ cold, rainy, and a storm coming in resulted in a shortened time with only one ski run in.  But, she loved it so much she wanted to go again in August.  So, a few days ago, she attended again ~ once again in colder rainy conditions, but no storms so she got in three runs this time before she decided she was too tired and cold to go anymore.  What a great thing though for organizations to provide (at no cost) and for people to volunteer in order to give these kids this chance to try something they normally would not be able to do.  I’m so thankful for them.

 In July, she again attended a week long dance camp.  Last year was ballet, this year was a musical theater.  She had fun, but when the recital came, she had stage fright!  Whenever she looked at us, she froze!   She had three dances.  Two of them she was in her wheelchair, and one she used her walker.  Thanks again to the dance studio for making accommodations for her!

We have a trampoline that she bounces around on, and the horse riding that she has been doing helps her balance and core strength, which is needed to eventually walk with arm crutches.  One day this summer, we traveled to meet a man who is paralyzed from the chest down and in a wheelchair, yet still owns and runs his own horse ranch and rides independently.  The day we came to see him, he and his wife were in the midst of packing for a several week trip out west to ride on trails.  He took time to show us how he is able to do everything, with some modifications and accommodations here and there.  It was good for Ren to see how someone who is like her is able to do things.  We are hoping to see him again, perhaps at a horse show in September.


The swimming she did over the summer also benefits her entire body.  She has had two 1:1 lessons at the YMCA, and for the first time in a long time, she has an instructor who is actually teaching her how to swim.  She has ALWAYS loved the water, but she has always been hesitant at going under water, and not many instructors have actually worked on helping her to learn how to swim in a way that does not require the use of her legs.  It’s possible to do so, we’ve seen it – but finally she now has someone helping her do this again.  She has made huge progress just in this short amount of time. I’m so excited for her!  Besides the lessons, Ren was at a couple of pools this summer and showed me once again how independent she can be and wants to be…so much that she scares me a little bit!

Along with all of these activities were some trips to some zoos and playgrounds and time with relatives.  OH, yes, and a big trip out east with our family!




So, only a couple of weeks before summer is gone and she goes back to school….and in fourth grade.  Why do our children have to grow up so fast?!   We are looking forward to a great school year, and hoping to see great progress in all her skills.  Please pray for her to grow cognitively so she can keep up with school, socially so she can grow in friendships, and physically so she can be strong enough to learn to walk with arm crutches.

John 9:2-3:   As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth.  His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.”