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8/7/16 Festival Fun

This last week, my husband organized a festival, called Athanatos Arts and Apologetics Festival.  It is a Christian festival, focusing on the arts (music, film, literature, art, etc) and on apologetics (defending the faith).   There was a speaker from Thailand and an author from Egypt.  There were presentations on education, human trafficking, zombie apocalypses,  confederate soldiers, arguments for God, and much much more.  There were authors from around the country who talked about their books and writing experiences.  There was music ranging from Celtic, to classical guitar, to pop/soul, to Christian rock.  There were screenings of movies, including one which gave its first public showing by its producer there.  There were workshops on writing and music, an improv comedy show, and a DJ.  There was a vendor tent and of course a food tent.  And more.  There was exceptional fellowship and fun while building faiths and relationships.  It was its first festival, and one of the best ones I have been to.

Now, why do I talk about this festival on Ren’s blog?  Because the birth of Ren is one of the factors that led Tony to formally creating his ministry organization…which led to his prolife involvement….which led to his publishing company…which led to his writing contests…which led to him wanting a place where his authors could have a platform…which led to this festival.

And, Ren had a great time there too.  She and another girl became friends, playing together and giggling their heads off.  (See pics below) I checked on her occasionally but she was left (happily) on her own for much of the time, and I was okay with that knowing she was in a safe environment and knew she had others checking her too. She ate a lot, rolled around in her wheelchair, walked around in her walker, listened to the music with us, and laughed…a lot.

If you are in the Wisconsin/Minnesota area next August, I strongly encourage you to look into attending this festival.  I am not being biased, either.  Well, maybe a little.  But, everyone whom I talked to who had attended had a great time and insisted it repeat next year.  Here is the website to his ministry organization:  and the festival, though it will change for next year, of course: There is a Facebook page as well that has photos and videos of the event:

Thank you to those who came to show your support for either Tony, our family, or the ministry in general.  Your presence was appreciated beyond what you will know.   Even those who could not come but at least gave simple words of encouragement.  That too we are thankful for and appreciate.  Really and truly.

“He has set eternity in the hearts of men.”  Ecclesiastes 3:11



Ren’s new friend helping her put on her braces