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Things had been going really well for Ren lately – but she did have another small seizure the other day. This time it occurred during school, and the teacher she was with at the time did not even realize it was a seizure until it was almost done. She estimated it lasted about 2 minutes, and Ren had continued on with her activity (looking at a book and getting a new one) but she did keep slipping in her chair. She had another small seizure a month ago, and so because of this, they are considering increasing her medication again. 🙁 This time the neurologist would like Ren to come in for an appointment as well. I am hoping it is only because of her growing that she has these breakthrough seizures, and that there will never come a time when medication will not cease her seizure activity.

However, despite that not-so-great-news — and again, I am still very grateful these seizures have not been the former grand mal she used to have — Ren has been doing really well. Her talking – though still very delayed (I would guess she is at a 24 month developmental level, maybe? and she is 4 1/2 yrs old now), the sounds and words she is able to produce, especially when prompted, has just increased so much since September. She has just excellent, wonderful teachers who work with her and challenge her and care for her greatly. She is able (and more willing!) to imitate words, and her ability to say 2-syllable words has improved a lot. Before, I would have to have her imitate one syllable at a time for every word, and now she can say some two-syllable words (words frequently used or words she has practiced, such as “Dora” and numbers and some colors, and her brothers’ names) without prompting, and said altogether. I did videotape her again reading a different story (“Monkeys! Monkeys!”) and counting 1-10 (see below). We still have the issue of her not using all of the words she is able to say without prompting, in order to communicate. She will say the phrase “I want _______” at home on her own, and she will yell our names and count and say the ABCs all of the time 🙂 but we’re still working on having her more independently use her words to communicate her needs. HOWEVER, she knows how to communicate in other ways, to get her point across, and she knows exactly what is going on, understanding everything that is going on around her and everything that is said. I know she knows a lot — I just hope she will someday soon be able to verbally demonstrate it all to everyone.

Ren is also doing well with her standing and walking. She is constantly on her feet (with her AFO braces on), pulling herself up all over the place and “creeping” along furniture. Her recent favorite place to sit is on her kitchen playset in her room. She will take the little sink out and sit right in that spot. Though she still does not use it often, she also will climb up to her walker and do a little walking with it. She uses it a lot at school to move from place to place, and so that is great! She will sometimes try to stand on her own, too – briefly letting go of our hands, or of the furniture she’s holding onto, like a game. 🙂

She is just such a funny, delightful little girl. She makes everyone laugh! Her speech teacher tells me stories of her sessions with her, and how she brings a friend along with her and Ren will make her friend laugh so hard that she has tears coming down her face. I am so happy with how things are going at school — I just know she will continue to make great gains in all areas this year.

Please pray, as her brothers do each night, that Ren will one day be able to “walk and talk.” But, also, that her medication will no longer have to keep being increased – that her seizures will cease. Enjoy the videos and pics below!

Sitting in the sink!