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9/22/2011 – Learning Lots

No news still means good news. Ren has been doing really well. She did have a few “regular”-less-than-a-minute-long seizures in June and July, but her medication was increased and she has not had any since then. There are a few theories as to why this happened, one of them being that since she is getting bigger, more medication is needed. We are still thankful, though, that she has not had a major grand mal seizure for a year now.

Ren is in 4 year old kindergarten and loves it. She loves having girls in her class, and her teacher says she has lots of friends and hangs out with a different friend each day. 🙂 She is walking well in her walker there, moving around the room in it and even transitioning into a chair on her own. She was not making any sounds at all at school the first several days, so after seeing a video of her “reading” a book (see below), and seeing what she is able to do, the teacher decided to expect a bit more from her and, after a little battle of the wills, Ren has since then has been using her words more. (She is SO strong-willed!! Good for many things, but a nuisance sometimes too!). Though still very delayed of course, her speech has come a long ways. I have included a couple of videos; one of her reading the book, and another with her saying her ABCs.

Ren also recently started playing baseball through the local Miracle League (see pic), which has a special wheelchair accessible baseball field and each child has a buddy to help them play, and she is also still involved in adaptive swimming lessons, where again the children are paired up with a volunteer. She enjoys both of these activities a lot!

So, Ren is the one in school, but she is the one teaching me all of the time. One day a few months ago, a quick appointment to check her ankle turned into a long afternoon of leaving the clinic to come back in an hour, with a trip to the eyeglass place to pick up T’s glasses in between appointments that involved a very slow and unhelpful worker that caused me to not be able to get the glasses in time because I had to be back to the clinic, which ended up being almost an hour behind anyways. This whole time I was so crabby I could hardly stand myself. And here’s Ren, happy as can be, none of this bothering her one bit. That is just a small example of how I need to follow HER example. Her constant cheerfulness, determination, and ability to overcome all of her many obstacles in life with a smile on her face is a reminder to me of how special she is, and how much I can learn from her.

“I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.” Psalm 7:17

Ren playing baseball