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6/30/11 – God’s Will, revised

When I first started this blog, I wrote up some pages (found on the right side) to give information about our (Renny’s) story and some of my thoughts on things. One of them was on my thoughts about God’s Will in regards to Ren and her disability. I have revised that page to say the following:

I once thought that there was no way that God purposely created Ren with her disability, nor that it was His will. I said that it was not God causing it, but that it was due to the fall of man, and our increasing distance between the creation of the perfect man and woman, because of sin and its effects on humankind. Sort of like, just by chance, by rotten chance, she happened to be this way. Though I still agree with the fall of man part, I am uncertain about the other parts. God knows everything. He creates everything. He makes no mistakes. John 9 gives a pretty clear example of God “making” someone have a disability “so that the works of God might be displayed in him.” I used to think that if I thought – or knew – that God caused Ren’s spina bifida, that it might make me angry with God. But, as I thought more about it, and about that Scripture, it almost makes me feel better instead. It makes me think, Hey, if God planned this, it must be with good reason, and for ultimate good, and so then….it must be good.

So for now I am not going to dwell on the specifics of the question of why SHE has to be the one who has to struggle in so many ways. Who am I to question God? What do I know? But, I am going to still say that, though the fact that she does have to struggle sucks, and it does, God will use her. He will use her for good, to show His glory and power and might. Just like he used the blind man to show his amazing power. And that should make me feel pretty good.

A wise friend of mine, during a conversation about this topic, said the following response below. Since I feel it sums up so very articulately my revised point of view as well, she has given me permission to share it here:

“So, I would and do, when I see things in my life that I did not bring on myself and haven’t the power to change, see each of those places as existing for the express purpose of being used to glorify God. If they could not be used to glorify God, then they would not have happened. And we know that there are things which God recognizes as being beyond our ability to bear up under (I Corinthians 10:13). I guess I see the question of whether He specifically permitted that circumstance for me or whether He merely knew that circumstance would arise and strengthened me to meet it to be of little difference or ultimate consequence. After all, even if He didn’t schedule me for those times/things, He Himself exhorts me to accept that such times as destined for me (I Thess 3).

So, I don’t think the things, biological or otherwise, that are out of my control are mere accident. They were destined, whatever the term is meant to imply. And, knowing such actually affirms my knowledge of God’s sovereignty over all. Whether appointed or allowed, He saw it. He removed what was beyond me, and He wants me to live without bitterness in the knowledge of His provision.”