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6/14/11 – Updates and New Gadgets for Summer

Ren had another small seizure a couple of weeks ago. It was not the lengthy grand mal type that she has had too often that have sent her to the hospital. I never thought I would be thankful for a “normal” seizure. It was a short 2 minute one in which she came out of quickly and resumed normal activity immediately afterwards. The neurologist was contacted and her medication has been increased. Though I am thankful that it was not a severe seizure, I am still saddened, because the neurologist had said that if she was still seizure free by her August appointment, then they would look into slowly weaning her off the medication. (sigh)

Summer is here! The school has sent home a mobile stander for Ren to use at home. She loves it! It is like a wheelchair that she can stand in (see pic below) and roll all over the place in. She wheels from room to room, spins around in circles, and watches tv in it as well. The purpose of the mobile stander is to allow her to be mobile in an upright position, and it also strengthens her legs by having her stand for a period of time. A different local school district also has lent us a hand tricycle for her to use over the summer. She LOVES that as well. We went camping over the weekend and brought that with, and she was ecstatic to be “biking” like her brothers. She moves the tricycle solely with her arm strength. It also moves her strapped-in-legs on the pedals, but they are not doing any of the work, just going through the motions – which may also be good for her legs.

Ren’s speech is still very delayed. She is 4 years old and does not say even a 2-word sentence without prompts. However, her sound and word production is increasing and progressing well. She switched speech therapists at the end of the year, and she is awesome. She is helping Ren out during the summer as well (yay!). With prompting, Ren is using picture cards to say three (or more) word sentences, using mostly consonant vowel words, such as pie, pea, toe, knee, boo, no, bee,….and etc. She has started being able to say at least one vowel consonant word: eat, which is a big deal. This therapist has reassured me that Ren has the intelligence and the potential to progress so much more.

Other than the small seizure, Ren has been healthy, and we are so grateful. No fractures, no infections, no new problems. She is growing, and getting heavier to lift and carry! She is enjoying summer, as we all are. Below are some pictures. In a couple pictures you may notice that she has knee pads on. Because she cannot feel much of her legs and feet, she does not know when/if she is hurting herself, and so can brutalize her legs while she crawls around without even knowing — and she has done that. So, the long socks and the knee pads help protect her. Enjoy the pics! (You can click on each picture, then click a second time, to make it enlarged).

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen.” Hebrews 11:1