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12/24/10 – General Update

I realized it had been 3 months since I last posted, about Ren’s seizure in September, so I thought I would update on a few happenings since then. Ren’s femur fracture finally appeared to be healed at an October x-ray check-up. Yay! The orthopedic surgeon still would like her to remain in her HKAFO’s until March, though.

In November, one Sunday morning around 11:00, I was going to give Ren a bath, and I had her on the bathroom floor waiting while the water was running. I looked down and noticed her kind of wavering a bit, almost as if she was having trouble staying sitting up. I asked her if she was okay, and she nodded, but she continued to make slight jerky movements. I starting panicking and remembered T said she hadn’t had her seizure medication that morning (he was at a church meeting). I rushed her into her bedroom and administered her meds, and a few moments later, the jerking stopped, and a few moments after that, she seemed back to herself. It all happened so fast, probably lasting 2 minutes tops. I was unsure what exactly happened – it seemed like a blur – and even though it shook me up at the time, I did not do anything about it because in hindsight it didn’t seem significant. But when thinking about it, I decided a week later that I should at least let her neurologist know about the incident. I wrote a message to them, and the following day they called and said they are considering it a seizure, and they increased her meds. I haven’t seen anything since that day.

Then, a few weeks ago we noticed her lower right leg was swollen. I feared another fracture, though her skin was not warm like previous fractures had been. She was taken in for an x-ray and it turned out to be a stress fracture, that was already healing up on its own. We did not need to do anything differently, and she has a follow up check the first week in January. I want to be able to discuss with the orthopedic surgeon options for her brace, because we feel that keeping her only in her HKAFOs will inhibit her from gaining necessary strength in her legs. So, we will see if anything comes from that then.

Ren’s speech is still extremely delayed, but she has said pretty clearly a few new words, such as cookie, open, and okay. She is doing a lot of verbalizing, though, some of which sounds like singing – and loud singing at that sometimes! Her school has finally found a speech therapist too, so that will (obviously) be helpful.

Oh, and the other day when I had her on the floor changing her diaper, she had her legs up in the air, and I put my hands under her knees, and had her legs drop down, and I told her to kick (up into the air). She has always been able to kick her left leg, but not her right. She kicked her left immediately, and I told her to kick her other leg. She tried to get away with pulling her leg up with her hands (like she usually has to do), but I held her hands and kept encouraging her to do it, and slowly but surely, she got her right leg up on its own. It might seem like such a small thing to be excited about, but I was. 🙂

So besides the few minor incidents, and her limited mobility in her full leg braces, Ren is doing great. She is still such a happy little girl, and a complete joy to be with. We are all truly blessed. We chose life because God chooses life, and Ren is just proof of why we should choose life. That life is given to us by our Heavenly Father. And we celebrate life as we reflect on the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas, everyone!