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8/27/10 Fracture Not Healed Yet

I realized I had not updated the blog about Ren’s recent x-ray on her fractured femur. It is STILL not totally healed. It supposedly has made a little progress, but not complete yet. It has been 3 months. She is to be in her HKAFO’s for another 8 weeks. If it has not healed by then, they will do some type of bone stimulation to see if that works in speeding up the healing. Please pray that her bone heals before then.

On a brighter side, Ren’s speech is making some progress. It is still very very delayed progress, but it is progress. Over the summer she had a speech therapist visit our home once a week. In the beginning of the summer, we could hardly get Ren to do more than one syllable (ma-ma, da-da, etc., vs. ma, da), and now she is doing it with ease. She has also picked up some other words as well. She now says on her own: mom, dad, ball, up, more, moo (for cow), and baa (for sheep). And she will say with prompting: boo, woof, no, nana, papa, wah-wah, neigh-neigh, eez (cheese or please), baby, tee-tee (kitty), and many letters/sounds, such as a,b,c,d,e,f,h,i,m,n,o,p,t (She has an animal ABC book, and I say the letter and she imitates those ones, either the letter and/or the sound). I think there may be more, but those are the ones that I can think of now. She starts school again next week – 3 afternoons a week – and I am hoping she has a good speech therapist to help her improve even more…Please pray the school district has hired someone who will help her speech flourish!

Beside the prayers for the healing of her femur, and for her speech, please also continue to pray for a miraculous complete healing of her polymicrogyria (most likely the cause of her seizures and her speech delays), and for overall good health.

Here’s her 3-year-old picture: