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7/16/10 Leg Update, Cathing, New Wheelchair

Ren had an appointment the other day – an x-ray to check on her fracture. It is not yet healed, though “making progress,” and she will need to stay in her brace another 4-6 weeks. We had actually gone to get a second opinion, or I guess a second perspective on this whole fracture cycle issue going on, and this doctor did not seem to object to the projected course of treatment for Ren. He seemed to agree with the transfer of her from her cast to the HKAFO full leg brace, with range of motion exercises for her knee, and did not necessarily disagree with the proposed administration of the bone strengthening IV medication doses after it is all healed up. He explained that the bone is taking a long time to heal because of both the type of fracture it is and the fact that it is near where a plate had been.

Several people have questioned if Ren is getting enough calcium, Vitamin D, and whatnot, or if doctors have suggested certain vitamins to get her bones stronger. Ren drinks a good tall cup of milk each day, plus plenty of cheese, and a multivitamin and pumpkin seed oil (contains calcium, Vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, and other good stuff) each night, and doctors haven’t really suggested anything else. However, I did talk to a nutritionist doctor that Ren sees at SB clinics, and she did have a blood test ordered to check for Vitamin D levels. We are still waiting for those results, so we shall see…

So, another 4-6 weeks in the brace. Just in time for school to be starting up. 🙁 But, she’s a trooper, and we know another girl with SB who had her 3rd (or is it 4th?) hip surgery six weeks ago and has to be in a full leg brace with a hip band/protector thing for a full YEAR. So, compared to that….I can’t complain too much.

We have been catheterizing Ren for a couple of weeks now, and it is going more smoothly than I had imagined. When she was an infant and had to cath her for a little while, we had these big kits, where we had to lay out these sterile sheets and wipe her with that messy red/brown stuff that I can’t remember the name of, wearing gloves, and it was just a big hassle. Now, I assume because she is older, we can just lay her down, wash our hands, wipe her with a wipe, and cath her. We can let it go right into the diaper, or collect it to measure how much she has. Oh, and because she is bigger than her infant days, it is much easier to do overall…for reasons you can guess. We also just started her on the medication that stops her bladder spasms (oxybutynin), which was also causing leakage. It has definitely worked. She has had dry diapers in between caths since being on it. Even at night. So, this is what leads into the possibility of potty training her. When she is out of her brace, we will start, since it is a big chore taking that brace off and on, but I guess all we do is set her on the toilet and cath her right there. I hope I have that right. I’ll be talking with the parents of our SB support group to learn more. Thank goodness for them! The negative part of the bladder medication, though, is that is causes her to overheat – She has periods of time where her cheeks will be red hot. She doesn’t seem too bothered by it yet, but it still is something to watch, especially in this warm weather.

Ren also just got her wheelchair today. (It only took 4 months to get – oops, I didn’t say that). I think she will like it, and will adjust to it just fine. Here is a video of her on it:

Prayer requests: For her femur to completely heal quickly and for her stiff knee to be ready for movement soon, for Ren to be seizure free, and fracture free, ideally for her polymicrogyria to just go away (ok, that’s a big one, but I believe I have read that nothing is impossible with God!), for her speech to start making big strides, and for general good health.

Luke 1:37 For nothing is impossible with God.