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3/27/10 Another surgery

Renny had yet another surgery two days ago. This time it was to remove a piece of hardware/a plate from her femur, where she had fractured it a year ago. Though a simple surgery, and she recovered very quickly, she is now again confined, to a full leg brace this time (at least its not a cast). She is to be in the brace full-time, including while she sleeps, for 6 weeks. The brace is kept locked, so she is unable to bend her knee, therefore no walking or even crawling. Her legs must be fully supported when sitting or being carried. She supposedly is allowed to bear weight, if in the cast and in her stander – which we need to get back from Birth to Three. We had them take it away because we thought we were done with it! The purpose of these restrictions is to avoid yet another fracture in her femur, since the plate had been helping support it while it healed from its previous fracture, we don’t want to put too much pressure on it while the bone gets used to being without that extra support.

Renny was extremely crabby about this new situation. She is a go-getter and we call her the mountain goat because she is always climbing all over the place, so she is never happy when she loses this freedom of moving about. However, we have a temporary wheelchair here for her, so she can sit in it and watch her favorite shows (Dora and The Wiggles!), and she even moves herself around in it a little bit. She is actually having a permanent wheelchair being made for her currently, since she needs one for when she starts school next month when she turns three. But, that wheelchair isn’t ready yet, and the one she has now is a 12-year-old one and has a bigger seat so she can have both of her legs fully supported while in the straight leg brace. Last night I also placed her on the floor, and she was very excited to realize she could still kind of scoot around on her bottom with the brace on – not as well or as fast as normal, but still something. Oh – and she will probably be able to get back to swimming after a week or two, which is good, since she LOVES swimming.

Hopefully this will be the last of surgeries for many years. Thankfully she is such an easy going, pleasant, wonderful little girl who learns to adapt and adjust to her situation and just goes with it. Please pray for a quick healing and strengthening of her femur – so no more fractures, that these six weeks will go quickly, and no need for any surgeries for…well, a long time, like many many years. 🙂 Here are just a couple picture from before and after her surgery.