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12/7/09 – Another Seizure

Renny had another seizure tonight..,but it was a bit scarier in some ways.

After school I went in to get her up from her nap.  When I came to her crib, she was lying on her stomach.  I know she saw me, but she didn’t move.  I figured she was just really tired.  When I picked her up, her sweatshirt was soaked.  I assumed she spilled her drink.  She seemed really limp; again, I thought she was just tired.  However, after I changed her diaper, I pulled her up to sitting, she just flopped, and I noticed that her left arm wasn’t moving, and I noticed that when she smiled only half of her mouth moved.  Okay, something was not right.  And I was worried.  As I investigated a bit more, I felt around her crib and found the wet spot but when I swiped my finger on it, it had bubbles in it, like saliva would.  So, she was paralyzed on her left side, was soaked in saliva, seemed out of it, had a temp of 101….We thought, maybe seizure.  Or a shunt malfunction or infection.  T called nurse advisory, and then took off for the emergency room.  I stayed home with the boys and attended the oldest’s Christmas program at school.  (Though I was worrying too much throughout it to enjoy it as much as I should have).

After a few hours of phone tag and waiting, and packing just in case she has to stay the night, and getting in the car to head out only to be stopped by my mom who is waving the phone at me….T tells me she is probably coming home tonight.  To make a long story short — After talking to her neurologist on the phone, it is presumed Renny did have a seizure.  The theory is that her recent shunt surgery may have lowered her seizure threshold, triggering what would normally be controlled by her current dosage of medication (T did realize that he had forgotten to give her medication this morning.  We have missed doses in the past and nothing had happened, but with this lowered threshold, the seizure broke through…).  So, we are to give her an increased amount at least up until Thursday, when she will have appointments with her neurologist and her neurosurgeon.   They did a CT scan to check her shunt and it showed nothing, and blood tests did not indicate any kind of infection, though I am still a little worried about a shunt problem that perhaps only an MRI would show, because shunt problems can also trigger seizures.   Hopefully meeting with her doctors on Thursday will ease my mind in this matter.  (Blood tests also indicated it was probably not a lengthy seizure, which we feared due to her being in her crib for nap time for quite some time).

As for the paralysis she experienced – there’s some condition called Todd’s paralysis in which a small percentage of seizures can result in.  It causes only temporary paralysis in parts of the body, and has no long lasting effects.  That was the scariest part for me…..but I’m glad it had a good and simple ending.

So, 5 hours later Renny came home back to normal, wanting to eat and eat, and she is now in bed, hopefully sleeping.  We are SO glad that she did not have to be hospitalized, and that everything turned out good for now.

Please pray this seizure was in fact only triggered due to her recent surgery, and that her shunt truly is okay, and that her seizure threshold will return to normal.