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6/6/09 Eye surgery update

Renny’s eye surgery seems to have gone well.  We were in and out in 3 hours.  Her eyes are pretty red still, but they look straighter and she is doing well.  She has a follow-up appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday, so hopefully all will look good to her.   Thanks again to those who said some prayers for her, and especially those who pray continually for her.  They are appreciated.

We are hoping this will be her last surgery for a long, long time.   Please pray that both her hips and her eyes are corrected for good.  That would be really, really nice to have happen.

Below are a few pictures since her eye surgery.  Her eyes look pretty straight; so nice to see.  And as you can see, she is still a very happy girl.  Renny cannot crawl or stand on her own or even move her legs a lot, but as you can see in one picture, she has managed to get herself on top of a laundry basket all on her own!