9/11/09 – Neurology Visit

So yesterday Renny had an appointment with the neurologist.  Good news!  The EEG showed nothing abnormal.  This means it does not appear that her brain is in a condition that would be susceptible to seizures.  (I don’t think this automatically means she will never have a  seizure again, but her brain is at least not “set up” for them as of now).

So that was good to hear.  Next, the neurologist looked at the MRI images, and….didn’t really say anything.  So then we brought up what the neurosurgeon had said, about seeing polymicrogyria at the back of her brain.  He said, “Hmm,”  and looked around more carefully.  At first he didn’t really seem to see it – and he made a comment about how the radiologist didn’t write up anything about it either – but as he was looking he made a statement about our neurosurgeon being one of the smartest men, like, ever, and so if he says she has it, she most likely does.  After some more looking, and some help from T as to where he found it, he decides he does see something that could be it.  However, he does not seemed concerned about this at all.  He just says it that yes, it may be there, that it’ll just be part of her brain structure, that we won’t do anything differently with her; she’s getting speech therapy, we’re working with her, etc; he just seemed kind of nonchalant about it all.  Okay…I guess that’s good…

In the meantime, Renny’s speech therapist is now working on some visual aids for her to communicate with us – pictures of common items and situations (dinner time, eg.) for her to point to, called a choice board.  She has yet to show interest in this, but…We will also work on teaching her more signs.  I’m still hoping and praying, though, that she WILL learn to talk in the future…as well as walk…

In summary:

EEG good.   MRI…okay….maybe.  God is good!  Thanks for all the prayers…Keep ’em coming!!!



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