8/7/09 – First Step

We are supposed to be working with Renny on her walking every day.  We don’t.  We should, but we get busy, put it off, and….you know how things go.  It’s such a hassle getting her in her big brace, and she hasn’t been the most cooperative the few times I did try to practice with her.  Yes, poor excuses, I am aware.  We do have her stand in her stander everyday, at least once or twice a day, and I do try to practice crawling with her each day.  And I’ve started helping her move up and down the stairs (with much help, obviously) to provide further strengthening of arms and legs.  And of course she is always moving around on the floor and climbing up our couches and so forth.  BUT, we have not been very good at strapping her in her big tall HKFO braces and working with her on walking with her walker.

So, two days ago, we decided to try to film her practicing walking.  Amazingly, she was very willing to work that night.  It may have been the camera – she likes to pose for cameras.  In this video that you are free to view, she did really, really well.  I have to hold on to her hips usually, and move her legs for her while holding on to the walker so it doesn’t roll away.  As you will see, I was able to let go of her several times and she was able to stand on her own (holding on to the walker), which shows she is bearing weight much, much better nowadays.  She has never, ever moved her legs forward in a walking action on her own before….until that night.  It was very quick and subtle, and she used mostly her hips to move it, but she moved her right  leg forward all by herself.  We were so preoccupied with everything, we didn’t even figure out until later that – yes, she had taken her first step!  Very cool.

The next day (yesterday) she had physical therapy and of course would not cooperate.  But I have made a vow to really, really, try to practice with her everyday.  And, I did this morning!  So, I’ve kept my vow for one day.  Let’s see how I do tomorrow, and the next day, and so on.  That one accomplishment, that one first step, though, has made me more motivated to take the time needed to practice with her.  Since even before her birth, I have had the hope/confidence/belief that she would walk, and walk well.  I suppose we play a part in that happening.  And, the challenge is on….!

Prayer requests:  That Renny would soon start saying words, God’s hand in her learning to walk, and continued good health.

Here is the video:



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  1. Gravatar of Tracie Tracie
    10. August 2009 at 00:56

    How wonderful!! God is so good! Watching Renny walk brought tears to my eyes. It’s been such a long time coming. “Are you done?” “No” Renny shakes her head. What a strong girl!

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