7/12/09 Learning to Walk

Things have been going relatively well for Renny.  She finally got the okay at the end of June to start learning to walk.  (She had been given restrictions until then as a precaution to avoid any more fractures.)   After a visit to Shriner’s Hospital, who confirmed as well that all looked good with her hips, we are now on the long road on helping her learn to walk. 

We are starting her in a little walker, with her tall leg braces (I believe they are called HKFO’s) to provide the support that she initially needs.  She so far has been able to stand in these, holding on to her walker, for a short amount of time without us holding on to her., so that is good.  It shows she has gained some leg /weight bearing strength that she didn’t have before.  Granted, she’s in a pretty big brace, but it’s still a good start.  When practicing “walking”, we have to move her legs for her, going through the walking motion for her, as she is not able to do this at all on her own right now.   It will take a lot of practicing and a lot of time before we see any real headway in this area, but she is willing and excited about it, and that will help a lot!

She also has never done real crawling, only pulling herself on her stomach so far, so we are working on crawling too to help build those thigh/hip muscles that will also be used for walking.  She can get up on her hands and knees just fine, so we also just go through the crawling motions, moving her legs for her.  After only a couple days of this, she was “half” crawling, by being on her hands and knees and pulling her hips and legs together (not one at a time) forward on  her own, sort of an “inch worm” crawling.   Hopefully this will all come together for her soon.

Her eyes still look great.  Her hips are good.  She is healthy and happy.

On her x-rays, though her hips looked good, there was a slight concern about one of her knees.  One of her past fractures involved a growth plate there, and there is a lack of fat (or something), a “bony bridge,” that is something they need to watch.  It may or may not lead to having to correct this in the future. 

She also still is not talking.  She has a speech therapist come once a week to work with her, and though she is finally doing some signing – which she would have nothing to do with before) – she is still only saying “ma” for practically everything.  She does make some other sounds, but no other words yet.

Please pray for her growth plate to recover on its own and not need any correcting; please pray for her body to quicky learn the walking motions, and to be able to move her legs, both for crawling and walking; and for her legs to continue to strengthen more and more; for her to start talking; and please pray that her brain will permanently train her eyes to remain straight so that no other surgery will be needed (which is a possibility otherwise). 

Thank you and enjoy the pictures!  (You can click on them for a larger image)  🙂



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