Ren had a big birthday this April.  She turned 13!  A teenager!  A teenager?  How does this happen?  How does time go by SO fast?!  If anyone knows Ren, you know she LOVES her birthday.   Most years she is talking about it for like 6 months ahead of time, making plans on how to celebrate and talking to people who will listen.  As she gets older, she has shown more restraint in talking about it SO much.  However, we know she still loves it. But, what kid doesn’t?  But, what a time to have a birthday.  With our state Stay At Home order going on with the Covid-19 situation, we are stuck at home.  So what do we do?  Well, we copy what other people are doing to help others celebrate while remaining socially distant:  we have a birthday vehicle parade!

I have to preface this by saying that I had originally arranged just four of our family friends to do a drive-by birthday parade.  What ended up happening was one of these friends, along with some help from my parents, spread the word to other family, friends, neighbors, and teachers, and the girl was surprised with two separate parades with around 20 vehicles driving by, honking, shouting “happy birthday,” dropping off balloons, signs, cards, and gifts.  She was SO excited, soaked in ALL of the attention with a huge smile on her face, and said it was a GREAT birthday!  I love seeing the support for our daughter from so many people.  (Click pics to enlarge)





That is the big news, turning 13.  I seem to have not posted in this blog for over a year now.  There are different reasons for this. 1) A good one – It means she has not had any really big things like surgeries going on  2) Social media keeps most of our family and friends up-to-date  3)  As she gets older, I want to give her an appropriate amount of privacy  4)  I just forget to do it.

So, here is a run down of the past year or so:


Last summer she was in Miracle League baseball again.  She again took part in a day of adaptive water skiing, which she also loved.  She again had the opportunity to ride horse about once a week at our friends’ place.  And she again was in swimming lessons at the local YMCA.  I am pretty sure she will be involved in all of those activities again this summer.  Plus visiting with neighbor friends and family!  She also has taken an interest in basketball, and she will go (even now) to Grandma and Grandpa’s garage to shoot hoops.  We went on a family bike ride for Labor Day, and she was able to participate, using a motorized scooter attachment!



Ren is in 6th grade this year, and she still LOVES school!  I love that she loves school, and I hope this continues into middle school next year, though I am nervous.  Ren was in band this year, playing the clarinet.  She loves to play but needs to practice more. 🙂  She is taking piano lessons with Grandma this year, as it is just easier because of how close she lives to us.  She was not involved in anything else during the school year, as with her brothers’ involvement in sports made it difficult.  Plus, she makes up for it in the summers.


During this time of staying at home, she is doing some school work, practicing standing and walking with her arm crutches, doing the occasional impressive round of push ups, shooting some hoops, and waiting impatiently for this to be done so she can visit with other people!

Once again. thank you to everyone who shows this girl so much love and support.  You are gifts to our family.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.  James 1:17  



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