10/28/15 Post-Surgery Update

Ren is recovering well from the surgery after a one-night stay at the hospital.  The surgeon said it would be 1 or 2 nights there, and in my head I knew it would be only 1 night.  Ren recovers fairly quickly from surgeries below her hips, as she has little feeling down there.  Plus, she hates the I.V.  Wait – let me rephrase that.  She DESPISES with a PASSION that I.V. in her wrist.  That literally was the only thing that was upsetting to her.  Always  has.  And, I cannot say this enough.  I really, really, really dislike staying in the hospital.  I mean, I know that Ren was the patient and went through the surgery and was the brave and strong one, and I am just complaining when I say this, but I really just don’t like it!  It is long, and boring, and claustrophobic, and uncomfortable, and forget about being able to get any good sleep. But, enough about me.  Ren did get a few visitors – Grandma and three great-aunts surprised her with a visit and bearing gifts.  She loved every minute, of course.

As mentioned in the previous post, the surgeon’s task was to straighten Ren’s leg out.  What that means is, he had to ROTATE her leg, which involved moving it and putting screws in, and a plate in the ankle.  I cringe as I think about it.  She is currently in a splint that goes up the whole length of her leg.  This must remain elevated at all times, which means limited movement and full-time wheelchair or sitting/lying down.  She has a rental wheelchair that allows for her leg to be elevated, and that seems to be working alright.  She is ready for it to be off already, so it’ll be a long road for her!

So, despite a little scare with her having a 101.4 fever last night ~ turns out she just needed to do some more deep breathing to get her lungs opened up more ~ she is starting well in her recovery.  Thanks to all of our friends and family who showed us their support and offered their prayers ~ It means a lot.  I ended up being more nervous for this surgery than I thought I would be.  I mean, she has been through several surgeries, including a few much more major surgeries in the past, so I don’t know why.  But, after she was rolled off to the operating room, with more prayers being said, I was at peace.

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Phillipians 4:7





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  1. Gravatar of An An
    29. October 2015 at 05:24

    I came across your blog in my studies for the medical course I am taking. I was so encouraged to read a bit of your story and see the beautiful smile on your daughter’s face! Thank God for His care and goodness, and may he bless you as you walk with Him.

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