10/1/17 – A Real Princess! And, New Braces & Shoes

So, Ren is part of our town’s royalty. She is 1st Runner Up for Little Miss of our town!  Before you get too impressed, please know that this is not a competition for the little ones. It is literally a name drawn out of a hat.  There were four little girls at the ceremony, and three were randomly drawn to represent our town’s Little Miss royalty.  Their job?  To ride on a float in parades with the older girls royalty.

Late this summer, while at a local parade, Ren made the comment to me that she’d like to be in a parade someday.  So, as the royalty float for our community rode by, I said, would you like to do that?  And, she said, “Yes!”  So,  I filled out the “application” for the Little Miss of our small town (which was just a set of basic questions:  What is your favorite subject, Do you have any pets, etc) and handed it into the city hall.  On a Saturday morning in September, her name was drawn for the 1st Runner Up.  She got her sparkly crown and her long sash, and rode on the float later that evening, waving to everyone, and LOVING it.    I have to admit, I was a little nervous how she would do, if she would like sitting on a float waving to strangers, and hanging out with unfamiliar girls of all ages at the Queen’s Tea, which I learned is a traditional gathering of royalty before the parades.  But, she has been in three parades and LOVES it and can’t wait for the next one.

The other news we have, which may seem like something little to those who have normal feet, is that she got new shoes!  These are not any regular shoe, but a specially designed shoe by NIKE, called Fly Ease, which has this cool zipper going around the shoe and Velcroing (is that a word?) closed.  We have tried out other orthotic shoes, and some work okay, but none have really looked “normal.”  These shoes make it so easy to put her shoes on and off, AND they look cool.  LOVE them.  She also got new braces at the end of summer.  It took awhile for her to be able to wear them regularly, as they had caused some sores on her leg and so we had to get them adjusted, and she had to stay off them for awhile to allow time for the sores to heal, but they seem to be good now, and they are nice and colorful.


In a week and a half, Ren will be going in for leg surgery.  I will update you on this as this happens.  But, prayers for a successful and safe surgery would be great!





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